OSHA Compliance

OSHA compliance is intended to protect industry, workers, and the general public from injury. Desmarais Environmental strives to comply with all OSHA requirements that apply in our own working environments, but our primary business is to ensure that our clients do so as well. We are able to assist you in defining the standards that apply to your specific circumstance and then provide authentic documentation of compliance, or remediation recommendations that will ensure compliance and withstand the scrutiny of OSHA inspectors, litigants, or other concerned parties.

We are able to provide professional guidance in a broad range of risk areas including airborne contamination; hazardous waste standards; asbestos, lead and PCB control and disposal; noise and other ergonomic guidelines; hazard recognition and hazard communication planning; ventilation and other areas that fall within the purview of OSHA regulations.

Our responsibility is to define and create strategies that minimize risk and comply with federal and state standards. We conduct OSHA compliance audits as they apply to issues as diverse as hazardous and toxic substance evaluations, confined space entry, and hazard communications planning. We help you create consistent and demonstrable documentation of OSHA compliance data.