Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygienists are scientists and engineers with advanced degrees in various areas of expertise including biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine and related disciplines. Ray Desmarais is a certified industrial hygienist with degrees in XXX

Desmarais Environmental has obtained certification by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene which ensures our credentials as skilled, trained professionals whose reports and recommendations meet the highest industry standards.

The role of industrial hygiene is to evaluate and maintain the safety of workers, students, consumers and the larger community. We do this by defining a scope of work that is focused on the needs of the individual client and the issues that pertain to their specific circumstances.

Examples of typical issues include:

  • Examining a workplace for hazards
  • Documenting present conditions and predicting future ones
  • Providing remediation strategies when required
  • Establishing safe exposure limits for chemicals, radiation or other hazards and creating monitoring regimens to assure compliance
  • Developing emergency responses
  • Planning waste disposal strategies

These are just some of the many issues we work with to assure safe working conditions and compliance with state and federal laws.