Desmarais Environmental has provided expert scientific analysis and mitigation advice to private and public institutions for 25 years

Desmarais Environmental is a leading regional resource for a broad range of industrial hygiene and safety services including;

  • Indoor air pollution ("Sick Building Syndrome")
  • Biological contamination
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Noise
  • Chemical
  • Radon
  • Heat stress
  • Ergonomics
  • Ventilation
  • OSHA compliance

Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint Services

  • Comprehensive building surveys
  • Abatement work specifications & project design
  • Lead-based paint analysis
  • X-Ray fluorescence/atomic absorption
  • On-site supervision, inspection and monitoring
  • Personal monitoring of employees
  • Air & bulk sample analysis & testing
  • Cost estimates and budget plans
  • Complete AHERA services

We use laboratories accredited by The American Industrial Hygiene Association that follow strict quality control practices to insure accurate results. We maintain a documented chain of custody for all samples and materials that we are responsible for, and the veracity of our reporting and record keeping remains unchallenged. We are able to produce legally defensible data for use in OSHA compliance hearings, or in some cases, legal challenges.

We interact with clients in many ways and with differing objectives. Our primary purpose is to ensure the safety and well being of employees, customers, students or other individuals who occupy or utilize a building.

Desmarais Environmental also engages in building evaluations for individuals, corporations or institutions who are interested in purchasing, renovating or demolishing a building. Our intervention reduces risk for all parties and assures responsible and compliant outcomes.

Although Industrial Hygiene is often seen as a discipline around issues of exposure to chemicals, molds, asbestos, PCBs and other hazardous materials (and it is a large part of our consulting work) Desmarais Environmental is capable of investigating other work place concerns and developing data for issues such as noise, heat, ventilation or ergonomics (repetitive stress injuries) and making factual based recommendations for remedial action.

Desmarais Environmental has provided expert scientific analysis and mitigation advice to private and public institutions for 25 years including universities, municipalities, school systems, hotels and factories. Additionally we are often engaged to monitor and/or certify the work of remediation contractors and assure the safety of work environments.

Our licensing permits us to provide most services to clients with multiple locations throughout the US.

Desmarais Environmental invites your inquiry regarding issues of air quality, worker safety, OSHA compliance, building remediation, community hazards, risk assessment or any other circumstance that requires competent analytical analysis of environmental issues.